Torrey Smith perfectly sums up Nicki Minaj’s new video

Nicki Minaj dropped the video for her song, "Anaconda" on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday afternoon, the video had more than 5 million views on YouTube and was permanently entrenched on Twitter’s trending topics.

The reason is pretty obvious. We’ll let explain:

"Nicki Minaj’s new video ‘Anaconda’ is like something from one of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s dreams, as a chorus line of women endowed with large posteriors — led by Minaj, of course — flex their butts to her new single. Set in a steamy jungle setting, the song samples ‘Baby Got Back,’ the elder rapper’s 1992 ode to titanic tush, and features some conspicuously suggestive bananas and even more conspicuous product placement."

The butt flexing and large posteriors did not go unnoticed by a handful of athletes.

However, the best Tweet about Minaj’s new video came from Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith.