Romo tries to pull a fast one at practice, gets busted by coach

Tony Romo really wanted to take part in team drills during the Cowboys’ minicamp workout Tuesday.

And he tried to pull off a little trickery to make it happen.

Romo, who’s still recovering from back surgery, came up with a plan to take part in the action:

Romo had this to say to the The Dallas Morning News:

"I almost snuck in," Romo said with a smile. "I feel pretty good. I could go. I was going to take some seven-on-seven reps but I don’€™t know how much that really helps, just to get those three or four reps today."

Sly move there by Romo, asking a backup QB to help him out. He reportedly asked Brandon Weeden for his jersey, too, but the jersey didn’t come close to fitting.

"He said it was a little too snug because he wears an offensive lineman jersey," Weeden joked.

We’re just glad Romo isn’t in Brazil cheering on the US men’s national team. You know, because of that whole "Romo Curse" thing.