Catcher uses chest-beating money chant from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ as walk-up song

Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz. Hmm hmm hmm. 

Steve Mitchell/Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz, serving as the primary backstop in Yadier Molina’s absence, has only four hits in 28 July at-bats and went hitless Tuesday with two strikeouts. Nevertheless, Cruz has excelled at selecting walk-up music. 

Check out the scene in St. Louis when Cruz paces to the plate with a downward gaze as the public address plays the chest-beating money chant from "Wolf of Wall Street." You know, the restaurant scene where Matthew McConaughey’s character tries to inspire Leonardo DiCaprio, the Wolf. 

Just brilliant. Cruz doesn’t even crack a smile. If only Cruz could have punched one out of the park. 

Ballplayers have used some clever, unexpected walk-up tunes in recent years, like Josh Reddick with Wham’s "Careless Whisper" and Chris Getz with the R.B.I. Baseball tune. Cruz’s ranks right up there with them.

Here’s the full cut of the chant from "Wolf of Wall Street" for your own personal pumping up needs.

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