Tomlin and Kidd join long and . . . distinguished? . . . list of coaches gone wild

It’€™s been a rough week for sneaky coaches.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is getting roasted — and praised — a day after claiming he didn’€™t see Ravens returner Jacoby Jones coming up the sideline.

This comes just days after Nets coach Jason Kidd, with no timeouts, asked a player to run into him and spill his soda, forcing a stoppage. The NBA slapped him with a huge fine.

But this weekend is hardly the first time coaches have intentionally (or accidentally) taken the whole "controlling the game" thing a little too far. Here’s a look back at some infamous incidents that got coaches in trouble.

Sal Alosi

The infamous former Jets strength and conditioning coach stuck his leg out to trip Dolphins special teams player Nolan Carroll. The move ultimately cost Alosi his job with the Jets. He has yet to coach in the NFL since.

Mike Woodson

Hard to fault the Knicks coach here considering what we now know about Kidd’€™s antics, but back in February 2010 when Kidd played for the Mavericks he seemed to bait Woodson into a technical foul by sticking out his arm:

Charlie Weis

Back when he was the coach at Notre Dame, Weis suffered torn ligaments in his leg when one of his players crashed into him on the sideline. Keep your head, up coach!

Russian basketball coach

Give credit to this guy for going with the flow. Russian basketball coach Gundars Ventra almost pulls of the assist.

Jeff Van Gundy

This was the leg-grab that will live in infamy. Van Gundy was the Knicks coach at the height of the rivalry with the Heat, and considering how short he was, it was absurd to see him try to break up a fight between Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.