Tom Brady’s résumé from 1999 highlights work at golf courses, Merrill Lynch

Tom Brady revealed the last resume he'll ever have to prepare.

Brace Hemmelgarn/Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posted his old resume on Facebook this morning for Throwback Thursday with the note, "Really thought I was going to need this after the 5th round."

He’s not exaggerating. In a 2011 interview, during his Shaggy Hair Era (video here and posted below), Brady discussed how he was led to believe he would come off the board in the second or third round, and how he left his house to take a walk during the sixth round when he couldn’t stand the wait any longer.

Anyhow, what would life have been like for Brady if he had to suit up for interviews and shop his resume like every other average Joe? For starters, he wouldn’t have married Gisele Bündchen. 

Take a look:

Just another guy.

A bachelor of general studies who probably would have worked in finance in some capacity. Either that or as a golf course caddy or operations assistant, at least right out of college. This resume is a gold mine of resume buzz words. 

I wish Brady would prepare a new resume today. Skills: making mediocre receivers look competent, relaxing at water parks, dancing, acting all cool. 

The Patriots’ selection of Brady with the 199th pick (sixth round) of the 2000 NFL Draft persists as one of those "it doesn’t matter where you get taken" draft tales, which is partly true. Currently there’s only one sixth-rounder in the NFL Hall of Fame — Lions defensive back Jack Christiansen, though in 1951 sixth-round draft picks fell no further than No. 72 overall. 

Obligatory photos of the Tom Brady at the combine and his draft card:

Finally, thanks to "Saturday Night Live," we do have some idea of what Tom Brady would have looked like with a shirt and tie and office job … and no pants.