The guy who stole Tom Brady’s jersey took a selfie with Brady and bragged about it

Before Martin Maurcio Ortega took Tom Brady's jersey at Super Bowl LI, he apparently took a selfie with the Patriots quarterback.

Ortega, a credentialed member of the international media, swiped Brady's jerseys at Super Bowls XLIX and LI. Authorities recovered both jerseys at his Mexico home in the weeks following Super Bowl LI.

The MMQB's Robert Klemko and Jenny Vrentas recount the hunt for Brady's jerseys in a new feature for Klemko reports that Ortega bragged to fellow media members about snagging a selfie with Brady.

On the media bus, Ortega showed Mexican sportswriter Arturo Palafox a selfie he had taken with Brady just moments after the Patriots completed their incredible Super Bowl comeback.

From MMQB's story:

Palafox was thrilled; he’d just covered his first Super Bowl, and it had been arguably the greatest comeback in league history, conducted by one of its all-time great quarterbacks. He plopped down next to Ortega on the shuttle and began cycling through the pictures on his phone. He leaned in to Ortega and showed him several shots he’d taken of Brady looking perturbed and searching for his missing jersey. Ortega didn’t flinch. He pulled out his own smartphone and one-upped Palafox—he’d taken a selfie with Brady in the moments after the win.

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