Tom Brady finally got his high five (kind of) … but it was really sad

The biggest story of the NFL season had a very sad ending Sunday.

We’re talking, of course, about Tom Brady’s inability to get a high five from a teammate.

We’ve had a lot of fun with this massive story since we first saw this happen in Week 6:

Remember the laughs we all had? Remember the fun Facebook posts we shared with friends? Remember all of those hilarious jokes told by all of those hilarious people on Twitter?

Then remember the sweater he wore after that game?

Life was beyond great for all of us back then. Strangers hugged in the streets. Dogs smiled at cats. Ex-husbands spoke highly of their ex-wives.

But just when we thought that high-five moment was the Halley’s Comet of high-five moments – you know, something you only see once every 76 years or so – the Patriots blew out the Ravens in Baltimore and this happened:

And boy did we all smile again. Goosebumps all around. We laughed at everything. Birds sang. Babies slept through the night. Adults quietly pumped their fists while taking another sip of a cold adult beverage.

Our world was, in a word, amazing.

But then life, as it is known to do, went on. The holidays came and went. Some of us added a few extra pounds while eating too much and perhaps drinking a little more than we should have.

The polar vortex then came along and forced millions of people inside for what felt like weeks.

What, if anything, could lift up a nation at such an incredibly depressing time?

Tom Brady could. And he did. This photo from inside the Patriots’ locker room after their playoff victory over the Colts was like a tall glass of water after a long run:

That one hand hanging there alone in the air turned all of our frowns upside down.

We were back!

So how would it end, we all asked. Would Brady travel to Denver, beat the Broncos, and then once again be seen not getting a high five from a teammate?

Would his teammates wait until the Super Bowl?

Would he finally get one from Mickey Mouse while being paraded around Disney World?

Well, the Broncos took care of all that Sunday. They beat down the Patriots 26-16 in the AFC Championship and, in the process, crushed all of our hopes and dreams. We’d never see Brady get a high five now.

But before dogs start barking at cats again and ex-husbands start talking badly about their ex-wives, we did finally get some closure Sunday. But it surely wasn’t the type of closure we were hoping for.

Brady got a high five (kind of).

From himself.

And our world crumbled.