Is one of Tim Tebow’s teammates selling his autographed bat on eBay? Yeah, probably.

Do you want to commemorate that time a few weeks ago when Tim Tebow played in some baseball scrimmages? Well you’re in luck. 

An autographed Tim Tebow baseball bat is currently for sale on eBay for the low, low price of $4,500.

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How does someone happen to come into possession of such a piece of history? As Deadspin points out, it looks like the seller is another Mets minor leaguer. 

The account that posted the eBay listing is “pmazeika19.” Patrick Mazeika is a catcher in the Mets’ system. He wears No. 19. The bat’s location is listed as Port, Orange, Fla., about a half hour from where Mazeika went to college

Minor league baseball players are paid less than minimum wage and only during the season, so you can’t blame Mazeika for trying to supplement his income. 

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