Tiger hits root, hurts wrist, says bone ‘popped out’ but ‘I put it back in’

If Tiger Woods really did pop a bone back into place after this shot, then he deserves a lot of credit for playing through the pain.

David Cannon/Getty Images

Tiger Woods never posed a serious threat to win his 15th major this weekend, but let’s consider his progess.

He actually was able to finish a tournament without incurring a serious injury for once, and he ended up among the top 20, no less.

So you can’t really call his outing an embarrassment, either … although perhaps we should reserve full judgment until after his statement about this shot is fully evaluated:

That painful-looking moment happened when Woods struck a root on the ninth hole Sunday. It didn’t impair his ability to complete the tournament, but after his round, he gave a curious interview about the episode to Bill Macatee, saying "a bone kinda popped out, joint kinda went out of place, but I put it back in."

No, really, he said that. And yes, Macatee responded with similar incredulity. Watch it here:

We’ll see whether Woods suffers any long-term after-effects from that swing, but if the guy really did pop one of his bones back in place and then finish the Masters at 5 under? 

Pretty amazing.

H/t to @gifdsports and FTW