Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks: Michelle Vawer; Is anything going on except for the Cubs?

Seriously, Is Anything Else Happening?

If you’re tired of Cubs stories less than 24 after the final out, you stink. Check out the outpouring of love at Harry Caray’s grave, and the guy who drove all day to listen to the game at his father’s grave. ESPN’s great Wright Thompson is always worth reading on stories like this … Bill Murray chugging champagne and then asking a reporter to recycle the bottle was a great moment that flew under the radar Wednesday night … The Indians, meanwhile, are looking forward to Game 8

The One Non-Cubs Baseball Story

The Mets’ Double A affiliate in Binghamton is now known as the Rumble Ponies. It’s just the latest team to change its name recently, following the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp and the Florida Fire Frogs. The company behind all these names is called Brandiose, and I spoke to one of the founders a couple months ago about the logo they had to scrap the day after 9/11.

Nikola Tesla Was a Genius in More Than One Way

Yes, he was a great scientist, but Tesla also pulled off a brilliant plan to get out of paying a hotel bill.

Michelle Vawer: P.M Lovely Lady of the Day

Former SI Swimsuit model Michelle Vawer is the P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day. She put a pumpkin hat on her cat for Halloween. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) 

Vaping is Safer, They Said…

until your vape pen explodes in your pocket

At Least They’re Not Going to Waste

A bar in DC made a US map from one summer's confiscated fake ID's [640 x 640] (x-post /r/CoolCollections) from MapPorn

I Think He’s Right

Odds & Ends

Josh Huff got arrested for having weed and a gun, then he said some dumb things about guns, then the Eagles cut him. … You’ve probably wondered why umpires wear suits and this is the answer. … One of Phillip Rivers’s kids went as Phillip Rivers for Halloween. … I swear this isn’t hyperbole: Senator Manny Pacquiao wants to execute anyone with a poppy seed bagel. … Stephanie McMahon wants Ronda Rousey to join WWE after she’s done with UFC. … 538 has a tool that will predict your marathon time based on your running habits (assuming you have running habits). 

Step 1: Flip. Step 2: Beer. 

Hold my beer so I can jump over this water hazard

I Don’t Know Why You’d Do This, But I’m Glad They Did

I Messed Up

I meant to include this on Tuesday (because of this) but I totally forgot. Pretend I did it then. 

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