The Redskins’ firing of Mike Shanahan was a laughable disaster

Oh, Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins. You’re such a disaster.

The team fired coach Mike Shanahan on Monday, which wasn’t a surprise at all.

What also wasn’t much of a surprise? How it all went down at Redskins Park. The whole process played out pretty much like the team’s season this year. Need one word to sum it all up? Let’s go with embarrassing.

It all started with Mike Shanahan getting stuck in traffic on his way into the team’s facility.

Why was there so much traffic? Because of this:

Well played, Redskins. Top-notch stuff.

But that was just the beginning. Things only got better/worse once Shanahan got through the traffic jam. Ready for a bizarre lesson in how not to handle a sticky situation?

Let’s allow those who were inside to paint the wonderful scene for all of us:

Let that one sink in for a second.

Let’s get back to that Alfred Morris nugget for a bit. Why didn’t he want to talk?

What about RG3?

The whole thing, however, ended with a beautiful moment that will surely give you chiills: