The Saints-Seahawks game ended on one of the worst laterals ever

Marques Colston has some explaining to do.

Just when it looked like the Saints might have a last-second chance to score another late touchdown and give themselves an opportunity to tie the game, the wide receiver did something incredibly stupid.

What did he do? This:

Colston was flagged for throwing an illegal forward pass and by rule there was a 10-second run-off of the clock. Since there were just two seconds remaining, the game was officially over.


Yes, chances are the Saints wouldn’t have scored a touchdown after this play. And yes, even if they did score a TD they still would have had to punch in a two-point conversion to send the game to overtime.

But to not even give your team that chance with one of the worst attempts of a backward lateral ever attempted?

Yeah, not smart. Not smart at all.

People on Twitter were quick to react.

The Seahawks will face the winner of the 49ers-Panthers game next Sunday in Seattle.

And Colston will face lots of questions about his decision in the final seconds.

(GIF via @gifdsports)