The Rock addressed those rumors that he’s planning to run for President

President Dwayne Johnson may never actually become a reality, but The Rock isn’t quite shutting down the possibility just yet.

Considering he always seems to be working on a million different gigs at once, The Rock’s never-ending press tour rages on. The latest stop brought him to “The Tonight Show” to promote the upcoming film Baywatch, which hits theaters next week.

While there, Jimmy Fallon asked Johnson about a recent GQ profile in which the wrestler-turned-actor said he would consider running for president in the future. Plenty of media publications ran with that snippet and fueled rumors that The Rock would be legitimately campaigning for the White House in the next election, and a recent poll indicated that he could actually win.

Johnson said he was “incredibly flattered” and “blown away” by the reception and he addressed the rumors head-on.

“It’s so flattering and I think it’s because a lot of people want to see a different — I’m sorry not different, but better leadership today,” he told Fallon. ” I think more poise, less noise. I think over the years I’ve become a guy that people relate to. Get up early in the morning, go to work, spend time with the troops, take care of my family, I love taking care of people. And I think that kind of thing really resonates with people today.”

But does that mean he’s actually planning on transitioning into politics?

“Three-and-a-half years is a long ways away, so we’ll see.”