HDTV, cold to blame for slow ticket sales?

The NFL is king.

As of this writing, three of the four playoff games this weekend were not sold out (49ers at Packers, Chiefs at Colts, Chargers at Bengals), meaning those games could be blacked out in the home markets.  

This morning, I sent out a tweet saying that I was surprised this development wasn’t getting more attention. My followers quickly let me know that empty seats in stadiums shouldn’t surprise us.

However, when it comes to the reason for people staying home, the answers ranged from the beauty of HDTV to ticket costs to weather to dealing with intoxicated people. Here is a sampling.

About 3,000 tickets remain for Sunday’s Packers-49ers game. The NFL has given Green Bay an extension to 4 p.m. CT Friday to sell the remaining tickets to avoid a blackout.