Teen manager with autism makes basket in middle school game

There are plenty of great stories out there to keep you warm and fuzzy during the holiday season. Hard to get warmer and fuzzier than the one that took place in Highland Park, Illinois, earlier this week.

William Lipka, 14, is on the autism spectrum, but that doesn’t stop him from being the manager of the Elm Place Middle School basketball team. 

And on Tuesday night, coach Trevor Kahn let him take a shot for the team. We’ll let ABC7Chicago take over from there:

"He’s my right hand man. Anything I need, I go to him," said Coach Trevor Kahn, who along with co-coach John Whitehead made good on a promise Tuesday night and put Lipka in a game Tuesday night. And on a set play with a fortuitous rebound, he made the big shot.  

A great touch by all.

The story is reminiscent of the wonderful moment Jason McElwain had in 2006 for Greece Athena High School in New York.

Who can forget this?