Team USA Opening Ceremony outfits are … interesting

Olympic athletes tend to make any outfit look good, so Ralph Lauren — they of berets and plush snow gear — went for the gold with their winter wear for this season’s Olympic Games in Sochi.

Ralph Lauren is rolling out its new Opening Ceremony wardrobe for Team USA this week, and it will not disappoint.

While bereft of the white berets that made the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James look debonair in the last Olympic Games, Ralph Lauren has done one better, adding elegance to the classic Christmas sweater.

The Winter Olympics “cardigans,” as Ralph Lauren is calling them, include a mashup of just about everything a Team USA diehard could want. With every form of rings, stars and stripes, and winter coloring, even grandma can be proud.

The getup also includes more fashionable, tight-fitting white pants and elegant winter boots.

Take a look for yourself: