Boss Leroux probably had a better birthday than you did

Sydney Leroux can certainly turn heads, but right now her heart clearly belongs to one male first and foremost.

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Cake, candle, party hat, streamers and presents. And of course, a hug from mom.

It’s the ideal party for any kid turning 6.

So when Boss Leroux turned 6 on Tuesday, soccer mom and US Women’s National Team star Sydney Leroux did what any good mother would do, and pulled out all the stops.

Why is this a story?

Have you ever seen Boss?

As much fun as Boss must have had, it sure looks like mom had just as big a blast. And it would make sense … it apparently hasn’t been the best week for mom.

This is the way I like to start off every morning because life is beautiful. #carpediem