Two grown men tried to steal shoes signed by Steph Curry from a little kid

Steph Curry did a nice thing on Thursday night. He spotted a little kid in the crowd, and decided he’s sign his game-worn shoes and give them away to him. After all, he is a little kid, that’s what you do for your smallest fans.

I’ll tell you who free signed shoes aren’t for—grown-ass men. Two adults decided they’d try to snatch Steph’s shoes as he walked by, so that a handful of kids would go home crying, and they would go home with some more beer money. Luckily, security wasn’t about to let it happen, and the kids got their memento. 

The irony of it all? The Christmas music playing at the arena. Screw the season of giving, this is the season of taking! These kids have Santa, I have bills!

Justice was served. Don’t try to box out some little kids for autographs. I never got a foul ball as a kid, and I’ve accepted I will never get one. You just have to move on, or work hard and spend that money on some memorabilia. 

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