Swing brothers: Check out Steph Curry’s high school golf team photo

Reigning NBA MVP of the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, is also pretty great at golf.

He played for three years on his high school team at Charlotte Christian where he achieved just a two handicap. You may get blinded by the popped collars, but check him out with his Knights teammates circa 2005-2006:

Curry plays plenty of golf in the offseason (including with President Obama) and, according to his father Dell, might have the talent to play professionally if he devoted himself to it full time.

"If Steph got a golf coach and practiced and put in the time like he does in basketball, he could play," Dell told The Postgame in February. "He’s really good. He’s that good. He doesn’t miss a lot of shots, and when he does, he can recover. He thinks he can make any putt he stands over."