Station airs X-rated picture of Cubs’ new mascot

Turns out scandals involving nudity aren't reserved for just politicians in Washington.

When the Chicago Cubs unveiled their first mascot on Monday, it left a lot of fans seeing red.

But that’s nothing compared to the shade of red some unfortunate broadcasters and station managers must be showing this morning.

One of the criticisms of "Clark" is that he doesn’t wear any pants. But the folks over at Deadspin took that complaint a few dozen steps further, asking users to submit their own versions of the "nightmarish, perverted" mascot. Naturally, many of the submissions were NSFW — under any circumstances, including the one submitted by Gawker. Unfortunately on Tuesday night, that version, which shows Clark with male genitalia, was shown live on air during a broadcast of CSN Mid-Atlantic’s "Sports Talk Live," which is shown in the Washington, DC area.

To watch the video that has the nation’s capital buzzing, click here.
But be warned: While it is a cartoon, it is very NSFW — in every way.

Poor co-host Nicole Darin. While former NFL player and co-host Brian Mitchell seemed to pick up on the error right away, Darin was left to try to explain the image, and uttered this priceless line:



If you need a refresher, here is the real Clark.