Here’s the story behind Austin Pettis’ ‘Mighty Ducks’ neck tattoo

During Monday night’s game between the Niners and the Rams, cameras showed St. Louis wide receiver Austin Pettis with a "Mighty Ducks" logo tattooed on the back of his neck.

In a new interview on the Rams website, Pettis explained the reason for the ink.

"One, it’s a great movie," he teased before saying, "I’m from Anaheim, I was born and raised. … The Ducks were right down the street. I was able to watch the Angels games, the Ducks games my whole life growing up."

Pettis understands how some people might find his tattoo choice a bit unusual.

"I know you wouldn’t expect a lot of football guys to be hockey fans," he said, "but I’m a sports fan."

You can watch the video of Pettis talking about the tattoo here.