Young Spelling Bee fan dabs repeatedly in the crowd in celebration

Oh, by the way, "dabchick" is also a word.

Andrew Lynch

How do you celebrate someone successfully spelling one of the most absurd words in the Scripps National Spelling Bee?

You dab on ’em, of course, as this kid demonstrated during Thursday’s finals of the 2016 Spelling Bee.

We aren’t 100-percent sure how this young man is related to that incredibly smart speller — we think it’s his brother — but you have to admire his enthusiasm regardless. There’s a lot of love in those dabs.

"Nagelfluh" was a pretty ridiculous word, to be sure, and it had company in this year’s Spelling Bee:

1. Dabchick — noun

"Any of several small grebes." And grebes, of course, are a type of freshwater diving bird, which means that a "dabchick" is not in fact a female who celebrates events with dabs. You learn something new every day!

2. Plumicorn — noun

"One of the tufts of lengthened feathers on the head of various owls." Or a unicorn that’s taken on a job as a plumber. Maybe.

3. Tulipomania — noun

"A passion for tulips." That absolutely makes sense as a definition, but why do we need an English word that describes this condition? Seems oddly specific to us.

4. Pygopodous — adjective

"Having feet set far back, particularly in birds." And yes, that includes grebes, which means a dabchick, which does not have a plumicorn because it’s not an owl, is pygopodous.

5. Prorupt — adjective

"Split into a major part and a minor part joined by a short corridor." We thought this was going to be a word that would be applicable to certain current events swirling around in our lives — the opposite of "corrupt," if you will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

But that won’t stop us from using the word as such anyway, then dabbing on anyone who tries to correct us.