Softball team loses championship after prematurely celebrating final out

The Wylie High School softball team was one out away from winning a Texas district championship game in April, but a fundamental mistake and a premature celebration cost allowed McKinney North High to score three runs and win the title.  

With the bases loaded and Wylie leading 6-4, a McKinney North batter hit a ground ball up the middle that was fielded by the shortstop and tossed to the second baseman. Wylie appeared to get the force out to end the game, and the entire team came together to celebrate.

The umpire standing near second base, however, never signaled that an out was made. The game wasn’t over, and the McKinney North players and coaches instructed the baserunners to keep going while Wylie celebrated. A wild throw home went all the way to the backstop as the catcher had left the plate, and the girl thought to be out at second came all the way home to score the winning run.

The batter smartly took advantage of the chaos and managed to leg out a triple.

(Thanks to the Washington Post for sharing this video.)