Fans upset when TV station pre-empts end of World Cup for weather alert

For folks in the Elmira, New York, region, since you didn't see the end of the game, here's how it looked when Germany raised the World Cup trophy.

Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, at least they didn’t miss the goal.

The ABC affiliate in Elmira, New York, WENY, left the World Cup final during the 114th minute, or with about six minutes left, to break in with a report of tornado warnings in the region. Germany had scored the game’s only goal shortly before, but viewers didn’t see the end of the match, Deadspin reports.

Soccer fans were blown away by the decision, so to speak, and they took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

However, others came to the station’s defense.

The region was struck with a severe storm just last week, when a tornado that hit Smithfield, New York, about 200 miles east of Elmira, was blamed for four deaths.