So just how expensive are this year’s Super Bowl concessions?

Here are some of the concession options at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII.

@Espngreeny via Twitter

Let’s face it: If you attend a sporting event and don’t eat beforehand, that’s kinda your own fault, and you should be prepared to drop some significant dough on foodstuffs.

And if it’s the Super Bowl? Well, clearly if you’re able to afford a ticket to that game, then a hot-dog-and-beer combo is chump change to you.

But just how much are concessions going for inside MetLife Stadium ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII? Let’s see if you can guess first.

Which of these beverages will set you back the most?

How much would you expect to pay for these snackable items?

Got your guesses? OK, now let’s check social media for the answers. And while you tally up your score, be glad you stocked up on chips and dip in the comfort of your own living room: