Video: Skier effortlessly glides down mountain in just his boots

Skiing is pretty hard, just ask that guy from Venezuela dubbed the “world’s worst skier.” Maybe the trick is to not even wear skis. 

Michael Reed was atop a mountain at Idaho’s Sun Valley last weekend when the bindings on his skis broke. Undaunted, he made the 2,000-foot descent gliding down on just his boots, holding his skis on his shoulder. 

He may have made it look easy, but Michael confessed that it wasn’t exactly a cake walk. 

“Legs were a touch burning by the bottom!” he wrote in a Facebook comment.

Michael isn’t just some regular skier, though. His friend who filmed the video, Joey Petelle, told GrindTV that Reed “was a runner-up for a spot on an Olympic team back in the day.”

[via Reddit]

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