We need a statue of limitations on honoring sports heroes, right, Kobe?

Our sports heroes can inspire us. We can try to imitate them. Or we can try to immortalize them through art — or something that’s sort of like art.

Here are three recent examples, and you judge how successful they were:

•  First is the most bizarre. In Taiwan, a sculptor has created a statue of Kobe Bryant depicting the superstar wearing not a Lakers uniform but rather a huge snake, presumably a black mamba, as in Bryant’s nickname.

Not only is the snake wrapped all around Bryant, but it is also chomping down on his heel –€“ or you could say it’s his Achilles tendon, as in the injury that has bedeviled Bryant.

•  Then there is the corn maze at a New Jersey farm. Von Thun’s Country Farm has carved out a depiction of the Yankees’ Derek Jeter with "Thanks Captain Clutch."

Note the lack of a Yankees logo on Jeter’s cap. Can’t have a maze infringing on any trademarks. If that happened, the farm could be in for a husk-y challenge. (We can’t pass up a corny joke, after all.)

•  Finally, we have the Little Leaguers from South Korea, doing their best Yasiel Puig bat flips. Not a bad approximation of the Dodgers star, but the kids should at least hit homers to go with the flips.

Of course, Puig himself has been known to flip when the ball isn’t gone.

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