Group of San Jose Sharks fans outraged over team’s recruitment of ‘Ice Girls’

The horror.

A coalition of San Jose Sharks fans have formed the group "Say No to Sharks Ice Girls" in response to the team’s proposed uniform change for its co-ed ice team.

Previously, members of the Sharks ice team wore full outfits that did not expose any skin, while this year’s uniforms for the ladies "may be form fitting with some skin exposure." Males would not expose their possibly hairy midriffs. 

At least 1,685* persons and counting think the proposed change for women and not men is offensive, sexist and "reinforces a negative double-standard where men are taken seriously but women are sexualized and objectified." 

Currently 21 other teams in the NHL have ice girls, or basically cheerleaders on ice. The Sharks proposed uniforms would be rather tame in comparison, but apparently those three-to-four inches of exposed stomach is too much to bear  for some. Thus this revolt with an image stylized like an anti-drug campaign and threats of boycott. 

If management believes that ice girls will put and keep more fans in seats, perhaps at a higher price, despite the consequences of this backlash, the Sharks will become the 22nd team to join the ice girls club. 

*Number of Facebook likes as of 7/17/14

[H/T NBC Bay Area]