Watch: Shaq fist-bumps giddy students in return to high school on Korean TV show

It’s #ShaqWeek on NBA TV for globetrotting star Shaquille O’Neal aka "The Big Shaqtus" aka "The Big Aristotle" aka "The Diesel."

This week Shaq also becomes the Biggest Man on Campus in his return to high school in Incheon, located in northwestern South Korea, on the TV show "Off to School."

A quick and dirty Google translation of the show preview on YouTube reads: "Dinosaur Center Shaquille O’Neal came to school!"

On the show, celebrities attended high schools for three days as students. Good luck to Shaq Fu blending in.

Fortunately, Shaq is a friendly dinosaur and he speaks the international language of chill: fist-bumps.  

[H/T r/NBA]

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