Russell Wilson on Super Bowl 49 loss: ‘I take full responsibility for it’

In a new video for The Player’s Tribune, Russell Wilson talks directly into a camera for a little more than four minutes about his state of mind since losing Super Bowl 49 to the Patriots.

The Seahawks quarterback doesn’t dwell on the controversial play call and never mentions Marshawn Lynch or Pete Carroll.

Instead, he channels his inner motivational speaker and repeatedly talks about moving forward and getting better.

In the beginning of the video, he briefly addressed the defeat. Here are the highlights of what Wilson had to say about the loss:

* "Being in that circumstance on the field in Arizona for Super Bowl 49 and them making a play and us, me, feeling I didn’t make the play and knowing that it’s over, all the hard work that you put in all season long, all the amazing plays, all the play you didn’t make, all the great games, all the comeback wins, all the things come down to that one moment and it feels like it’s lost."

* "I can sit here and talk to you about the whole game, I can talk to you about the plays that we made, the plays that we didn’t make, the last play, I can replay that last two-minute drive with you, but that’s not what it’s about for me."

* "I’m the one that threw the pass, but I know that I’ll throw another one and hopefully I’ll be remembered for something different."

* "Super Bowl 49, I take full responsibility for it. One of the reasons why I always will and always do is because I know it’s going to happen again for me. I know that I’m gonna be in that situation again. The hardest thing about that game was to be able to walk off that field and all those fans and feel like you let them down. The only thing you can look forward to is the next opportunity that you’ll have."