Photographic proof that the Seahawks are already working on defending their title

Usually on my way into work I don’t see a bunch of Super Bowl champions standing outside of a gym.

That all changed Wednesday as I noticed Russell Wilson and a number of his teammates hanging out in front of The Yard, a gym in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Here’s the photographic proof (notice the color of the "ALL IN" sign. Also, ignore the quality of the photo.):

Russell Wilson and some of his teammates are already working out together at a gym in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Wilson and many of Seahawks teammates worked out at The Yard last year, as told us shortly after the Super Bowl. The gym is one block from the beach, where they often do workouts in the sand.

Wilson posted a video of this morning’s workout on Instagram, with the caption "This is our offseason. #Time2GetFasterAndStronger".