Seahawks fans petition NFL to stop bullying Marshawn Lynch, revise media policy

Lynch unsuccessfully appealed a $100,000 fine levied by the NFL in November for refusing to speak to reporters after a game against the Chiefs.

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A Seattle Seahawks fan (aka a "12") has decided to play defense for running back Marshawn Lynch, writing a petition urging the NFL to revise its media policy in such a manner that the interview-adverse Lynch wouldn’t be forced to speak with media members under "fear of financial intimidation."

The petition by Wendi Bromlie, which has garnered over 27,000 signatures as of this writing, reads as follows:

In November, Lynch avoided the media after a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and suffered a $100,000 fine for the violation of the NFL’s media policy (half of which represented a violation from the 2013 season).

Since November, Lynch has satisfied his media obligations, often with fewer than 50 words a session. He’s uttered canned phrases on repeat — such as "Yeah," "Thanks for asking" and most recently "I’m thankful" — in response to any and all questions.

Will Leitch described Lynch’s creative bare-minimum method of participation as a form of performance art. Maybe it’s not exactly art, but a coping mechanism. I can only speculate but maybe Lynch suffers from social anxiety. It’s unclear if the NFL’s media policy would exempt a player for such a condition. 

At this point, media members still peppering Lynch with questions are only making a mockery of themselves.

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