Sean Avery ‘snaps,’ bails on Broadway show right before debut

Sean Avery retired from the NHL in 2012.

Michael N. Todaro/WireImage

"NHL enforcer to take on Broadway" would be a bizarre enough headline to take in, but the description for this story is, "NHL enforcer about to take on Broadway leaves show two days before opening night after fighting with staff."

Former New York Rangers tough guy Sean Avery, who had the lead role in the stage show "Negative Is Positive," reportedly got into a verbal altercations with two members of the production.

"He’s a playwright’s worst nightmare," "Negative" author Christy Smith-Sloman told the New York Post.

Avery allegedly cursed at one assistant and asked another if they knew who he was.

"It’s a complete horror story . . . Avery had a complete meltdown in rehearsals and quit. He pretty much snapped," Smith-Sloman told the Post.