Say what now? Answers to our sports quote game

Time to figure out how well you did.

Check below to see who uttered each of these quotes and why.

1. "Pete Rose inspired my style of play, but should not be in the Hall of Fame."

Gabe Kapler, talking about who would earn his vote. Kapler explains why Rose shouldn’t be allowed in.

2. "’Guys, we didn’t come here for no reason.’ I said, ‘Y’all, this is ours, man.’"

-Jameis Winston, and yeah, this was a gimme, because damn, what a game. And we’re fairly sure that postgame interview led to an ugly tweet (quickly deleted) from AJ McCarron’s mom.

3. ”It’s not about can I go. It’s about how confident do I feel when I am going. I will play Sunday. But it’s about how much I don’t worry about the knee – and that’s when the confidence increases.”

-Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith. Confidence is a tricky thing in sports, but knees are even trickier, especially for wide receivers and other skill position players. Here’s hoping, for his and Panthers fans’ sakes, that he has both on Sunday.

4. "I’ll be cheering for him to heal up so I can punch him again."

Urijah Faber, on the injury to UFC rival Dominick Cruz. And to put it in even better perspective, here’s the entire quote. Man, I want to watch these two fight now. "I feel for the guy. We don’t really like each other, but we’ve had some communication throughout the years and I’ve talked to him about this and we still want to fight each other.  There’s no doubt, the guy’s too stubborn not to get back on the horse and heal up eventually.  I’ll be cheering for him to heal up so I can punch him again."

5. "I’ll tell you what a great evaluator I was: I thought he’d be a great tight end."

-UCF coach George O’Leary on recruiting Blake Bortles, who declared his intentions to go pro on Monday after pulling off the upset of bowl season against Baylor last week.