Say what now? Answers to our sports quote game

Time to figure out how well you did.

Check below to see who uttered each of these quotes and why.

1 "People say so many negative things about North Korea. And I want people in the world to see it’s not that bad."

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, as he arrives for his latest trip to North Korea to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s birthday. The same Kim Jong Un who reportedly just had his own uncle ripped apart by 120 starved dogs. Swell guy. Misunderstood.

2 "It’s nothing about them. There’s nothing that shocked us that they did. We know them, they know us. They’ve just been able to come out on top the last couple times."

Ryan Pickett, Green Bay Packers. The dude clearly isn’t ready to give the 49ers credit for continuing to beat the Packers.

3 "It’s like if he’s not in trade discussions, it’s not a normal season,"

Kobe Bryant, discussing teammate Pau Gasol and his frequent inclusion in trade talks. Really, though, this next quote might have been even better, but it would have probably given it away too easily. "How much more am I supposed to support a guy, besides making a Pau flag and riding in there on a horse with Spanish-colored paint on my face like I’m the Spaniard William Wallace or something? I don’t know what else to do."

4. "You’re getting into an area where I’m not allowed to go. I would love to go there with you and kind of explain to you my perspective, but it’s not allowed. It’s not allowed by rule. And I know that’s what you guys want to talk about."

Fran McCaffery. The Iowa coach lost his cool in the second half against Wisconsin and wound up ejected. Four technical free throws later, the Badgers had the lead and they never looked back. Afterward, he clearly didn’€™t want to talk about it (or maybe he just wanted to avoid any more trouble/fines).

5 "We’re loose, we’re confident, we’re peaking at the right time. We are a team to be dealt with. We’re a confident bunch, especially in the second half, in the fourth quarter. We feel we’re ready for those situations. The pressure is not going to get to us."

Chargers safety Eric Weddle, who clearly felt pretty good after beating the Bengals on Sunday, but might regret saying this as a showdown with Peyton Manning and the Broncos draws closer this week.