Say What? Get answers to our quote game quiz

So you think you did pretty well? We’ll be the judge of that.

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1. "I’d just say I’ve never seen anything like him on the field, and I just think he’s just now starting to figure it out as far as preparation, things of that nature in his game, and I would take him with a first pick if I had it."

A glowing endorsement from Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech coach and former offensive coordinator for Manziel.

2. "I sincerely apologize to all if the Laker fabs (sic) that i’ve clearly hurt in some way by wearing a fun "laker hater" hoodie to the game."

Dwight Howard’s girlfriend, Christine Vest, apparently felt the need to apologize after getting some Twitter backlash for her choice of attire. Hey people, it’s a hoodie. Get over it.

3. "I feel as if I haven’t achieved anything worth mentioning yet."

Panthers QB Cam Newton has gotten a lot of praise for his return to excellence this season, but says it won’t really matter until his team achieves the ultimate success in the Super Bowl. Kinda refreshing, right?

4. "It’s a personal beef and that’s as much as I want to say. He’s not a household name but it’s a personal beef."

Funnyman Adam Carolla says this is his least favorite athlete is Pete Murphy, the Dodgers’ bullpen catcher. He explains in Wednesday’s Questions With Comedians.

5. "My parents knew. He had asked my parents for permission, like traditional, which was great."

Caroline Wozniacki on her recent proposal from golf star Rory McIlroy. And to think it wasn’t long ago that all the gossip rags were insisting this relationship was on the rocks.