Say What? Get answers to our quote game

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1. "I get blamed for everything. No matter what happens, it’s my fault. [There are] all these talks if he’s staying in New York or not, [and] I’m somehow the mastermind behind if he stays or not."

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony’s decision to stay in the Big Apple is a hot topic, so his wife, La La, chimed in on her role in the matter.

2. “He’d get murdered in the UFC. You go to a knife fight with a guy and the other guy has guns and chains and crowbars. There’s so many more weapons in the UFC then there are in boxing. So it makes no sense.”

UFC president Dana White gets the question of whether Floyd Mayweather could cut it in the UFC, but his answer to Arsenio Hall might be the most definitive yet.

3. “He was awful. He would tell you otherwise, obviously, that he was the best wide receiver Stanford has ever seen. … He was awful at receiver.”

Looks like Richard Sherman isn’t the only honest guy who can provide a quote from the Seahawks. His teammate and wide receiver Doug Baldwin provided this gem — about Sherman, no less.

4. "I’m not going to say I’m retired just yet. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and continue to get stronger and rehab…."

Plaxico Burress, who spent time in jail after shooting himself in the leg, isn’t ready to give up on trying to revive his career after an injury in training camp cut short his comeback bid with the Steelers.

5. ”Two turnovers in the last minute of the game, it’s not what I typically do, but that’s how it goes sometimes."

Nets guard Deron Williams was pretty nonchalant about the way his team blew a lead in the final seconds again the Toronto Raptors.