Say what? Get answers to our quote game

OK, you made your guesses and didn’t cheat by googling or looking around the site, right?

Actually, looking around the site is fair game — we encourage it.

Anyway, here are the answers. Enjoy.

1. "When they scored the first goal I said, ‘Jesus, he was off on that one.’ The second goal, when I looked at it, he wasn’t controlling his rebounds which is a telltale sign for him."

Anaheim Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau on goalie Jonas Hiller struggling in Tuesday night’s loss. Boudreau indeed pulled Hiller after an early second-period goal as the Ducks lost in regulation for the first time at home all season.

2. "It’s in the process. The government works slow. … We’ll see how it goes."

Braves phenom Evan Gattis discussing the rigors of getting his El Oso Blanco nickname trademarked.

3. ”Don’t think we forget Jerry picked them first.”

JJ Watt after Jerry Rice selected Drew Brees and St. Louis defensive end Robert Quinn instead of a running back (or himself) in the new fantasy-football inspired "draft" for the Pro Bowl. Deion Sanders, the opposing coach, took Watt and Jamaal Charles for his first two picks.

4. "…hang in there & keep playing as well as you did Sunday. Excellent job – you have my support."

MLB legend Hank Aaron tweeted at embattled Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

5. "When he gets up to bat, you can hit him and hit him hard."

An unnamed baseball player talking about Alex Rodriguez, who sued the MLBPA – and everyone else, too. Well, the players are none too pleased and think A-Rod should pay the piper.