Say What? Get answers to our quote game

OK, you made your guesses and didn’t cheat by googling or looking around the site, right?

Actually, looking around the site is fair game — we encourage it.

Anyway, here are the answers. Enjoy.

1. "I was dizzy from the middle of the first set and then I saw Snoopy and I thought, ‘Wow Snoopy, that’s weird’"

Frank Dancevic, who passed out during a first-round loss at the Australian Open on Tuesday. Not sure why he fainted, it was only 107 degrees.

2. "I never took drugs in my life. I’ll take a lie detector test. I don’t care. I’m for anti-doping tests. I think it’s a big problem in the sport."

Georges St-Pierre, as he makes some explosive claims about the UFC and the reasons he stepped away.

3. "I’m 20, I’m scared, I’m another single mom."

Brittany Norwood, a 20-year-old senior at the University of Houston, who claims she is carrying Texans running back Arian Foster’s child and that he has pressured her to get an abortion.

4. "Well, it’s within the rules. It’s within the spirit of the rules of the National Football League. I actually respect it, what you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can."

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who sees no problem with the Seahawks refusing to sell tickets to California residents for the NFC Championship game this Sunday in Seattle.

5. "This group has now won twice but it’s gone to the finals three times and, sometimes, it feels like they’re still fighting for a little respect. I can relate to that."

President Barack Obama, as he welcomed the NBA champion Heat to the White House for the second year in a row.