Say What? Can you guess who uttered these sports quotes?

If Seattle kids have off, why can't all kids have off?

castillodominici/Getty Images/iStockphoto

We’re back with a brand new batch of quotes to test your sports knowledge.

The game is simple. We lay out five quotes and you try to guess who the speaker is. If you get all five correct you win one free Internet.

OK, here we go:

1. “Shout out to George Orwell for writing ‘Animal Farm’. One of the dopest books I’ve ever read. U got pigs walking up right windmills n more!”

2. “It is my hope that the school district will excuse absences for students who want to join their family during the #celebrate48 events”

3. "I am not worried, I don’t think too much about the issue. I am here to concentrate on my sport."

4. “I have to give him credit. Without him doing what he did back in the ’90s to force regulation, this sport would be dead. It wouldn’t exist. Honestly, for all the negatives he caused, he actually allowed the sport to foster and grow.”

5. “Our goal is to be more effective, fair and transparent… It’s never our intent to penalize, but in order to keep the playing field fair for everyone, we recognize that strong rules need to be in place. We certainly believe we’ve done a good job governing the sport in the past, but always believe we can get better.”