Say what? Can you figure out who these sports quotes are from?

8-year-old Kevin only managed to get two of these right.

castillodominici/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Welcome back for more sports quote trivia.

Here’s how it works. We’re going to dig up five quotes from around the sports world from the day before and you try to figure out who said them. Get all five right and you win one free Internet.

You can find the link to the answers at the bottom of this page. Think you got what it takes? Ready, set, go!

1. "I know everyone has been social media-ing about the cold, so you may not care…But my mustache just froze while I was cleaning off my car!"

2. ”To me, I didn’t exclude Maddux. I excluded everybody from that era, everybody from the steroid era. It wasn’t about Greg Maddux, it was about the entire era. I just don’t know who did and who didn’t.”

3. "I don’t have any doubt that Charlie is a fine coach. I think he would make a great position coach, maybe a coordinator. But I don’t believe (he should be head coach at) what should be one of the three most powerful university programs in the world right now at UT-Austin. I don’t think it adds up."

4. "It was flogging a dead horse. It wasn’t going to happen. Our guys weren’t going to find anything extra. You could just see it their body language and their eyes."

5. "Sequels to most movies are always fluff and not as good as the first. But it’s something we’ve been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good story line and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing."