Say what? Can you figure out who these sports quotes are from?

This kid took the quiz and was totally stumped.

castillodominici/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Welcome back for more sports quote trivia.

This is the second week of our guessing game. Here’s how it works. We’re going to dig up five quotes from around the sports world from the day before and you try to figure out who said them. Get all five right and you win one free Internet.

You can find the link to the answers at the bottom of this page. Think you got what it takes? Ready, set, go!

1. "People say so many negative things about North Korea. And I want people in the world to see it’s not that bad."

2. "It’s nothing about them. There’s nothing that shocked us that they did. We know them, they know us. They’ve just been able to come out on top the last couple times."

3. "It’s like if he’s not in trade discussions, it’s not a normal season,"

4. "You’re getting into an area where I’m not allowed to go. I would love to go there with you and kind of explain to you my perspective, but it’s not allowed. It’s not allowed by rule. And I know that’s what you guys want to talk about."

5. "We’re loose, we’re confident, we’re peaking at the right time. We are a team to be dealt with. We’re a confident bunch, especially in the second half, in the fourth quarter. We feel we’re ready for those situations. The pressure is not going to get to us."