‘A slap in the face’: 49ers fans want Seahawks colors off their mass transit

Some 49ers fans are saying that proposed new colors for San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system are 'an outrage' because they resemble the colors of the Seattle Seahawks, a hated rival.

Change.org/GameDayr blog

San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system is set to receive new trains, but there is only one problem: BART’s new seats are colored neon green and blue, which also happen to be the team colors of the 49ers’ arch-rival, the Seattle Seahawks.

In an attempt to change BART’s new Seahawks-inspired design, fans have submitted a petition on Change.org.

As of this writing, the petition had received 681 signatures; just 381 more would be needed to potentially start the change in BART’s design.

This is just another example of why rivalries truly know no bounds.

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