Samantha Schacher, woman named in Johnny Manziel hoax lawsuit, speaks to ‘Jay Mohr Sports’

The crazy world of Johnny Manziel just keeps getting crazier.

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Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is the subject of a hoax sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed in federal court last week.

The lawsuit, which asks for $25 million, was filed under the name Samantha Schacher, who is a co-host on "Dr. Drew On Call" on HLN.

However, Schacher did not file the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by inmate Johnathan Lee Riches, who has a history with these things.

Schacher joined "Jay Mohr Sports" on Friday to talk about her role in this ridiculous story.

Here is a brief transcript of the interview.


Mohr:  You must have woken up to just a bizarre world knowing that you had sued Johnny Manziel!

Schacher: Yes! When you wake up you’re already in a fog. … So I was trying to get out of bed and my phone is ringing off the hook and I had no idea why. I look on my twitter (feed) and I see all the reaction and I’m like "What’s going on?"  I’m always on the other side; because I’m the one reporting the story. I thought maybe it was something I said last night on "Dr. Drew On Call," so then I checked my email. Then I finally see this crazy lawsuit and of course I laughed at first because it was hilarious.  Then I got upset because I started to read tweets of people that really believed that I filed this lawsuit and that I was just trying gain publicity or make $25 million! That’€™s crazy! It’s insane that somebody can file a bogus lawsuit and make a mockery of the legal system.

Mohr: Do you know this guy, Johnathan Lee Riches (that filed the lawsuit)?

Schacher: No, I have no idea. … It seems he has something against Johnny Manziel. I don’t know how I got dragged into this. Does he watch Headline News all day long? He must watch us on Dr. Drew because I can’t imagine why I was a part of this.

Mohr: Have you ever met Johnny Manziel?

Schacher: No, no! I haven’t been to Florida in years, which is where the suit was filed. It said the pictures came from a Samsung phone but, I have an iPhone. Everything about it is ridiculous. And the address where the suit was signed is the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Somebody was pretty savvy thinking about where I would be but, they should have done a little more research.

Mohr: Why don’t you sue Riches for $25 million?

Schacher: I don’t even like to welcome that conversation. Do you really think he has $25 million just waiting around?  If this guy is a serial lawsuit filer, why doesn’t this courthouse have him red-flagged?