Protesters rush ‘Dancing with the Stars’ stage after Ryan Lochte’s performance

On Monday night, the newest season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debuted with its usual array of popular celebrities as contestants, but none more notorious at the moment than swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was the center of controversy after an incident in Rio de Janeiro during this summer’s Olympic Games.

After the swimmer completed his dance, protesters wearing anti-Lochte shirts rushed the stage during the judge’s critique of Lochte’s performance, while other crowd members chanted "LIAR! LIAR!"

The show immediately cut to commercial and when it came back, host Tom Bergeron acknowledged an "incident" and thanked stage security for "staying in shape."

One of the judges who was involved with resolving the situation, Carrie Ann Inaba, issued a statement after the program concluded.


UPDATE: Per a report via Variety, the names of the suspects have been released — Sam Sododeh, 48, and Barzeen Soroudi, 40, were detained by private security and later arrested by Los Angeles Police. 

In response to the incident, Lochte told ABC 7: