‘Rookie of the Year’ actor sports ‘Rowengartner’ jersey at Cubs-Mets Game 4

Thomas Ian Nicholas surrounded by teammates in a scene from the film 'Rookie Of The Year.'

20th Century Fox/Getty Images

If the Curse of the Billy Goat (or the Murphy Curse) is a real thing, then maybe a Rowengartner Reversal can help change the fortunes of the Chicago Cubs, who now trail the Mets 3-0 in the NLCS.

As fans of the 1993 movie "Rookie of the Year" recall, Henry Rowengartner was the flamethrowing 12-year-old little leaguer-turned Chicago Cubs pitcher who helped clinch the win against the Mets during the division championship series. 

And on Wednesday, the actor who played Rowengartner, Thomas Ian Nicholas, was at Wrigley, rooting for the Cubs at Game 4 of the NLCS against the Mets. And he was wearing a "Rowengartner" jersey — something he hasn’t worn since the movie wrapped. 

"Usually when I go to the game, I wear the jersey the Cubs made for me with my last name, Nicholas, on it, but I called the team and I said, ‘Can you make a Rowengartner jersey for me?,’" Nicholas told ESPN.com’s Arash Markazi on Tuesday. "I’ve never done that. I haven’t worn a Rowengartner jersey since the movie, but I feel like we kind of need it right now. It’s kind of like my rally cap."

Nicholas, now 35 years old, became a Cubs fan as a result of the movie and married an Illinois-born Chicago DJ. And the fact that like the film, the Cubs are facing the Mets just makes Nicholas’ presence that much more poignant. 

"I wanted to be there, and now I feel like I need to be there," Nicholas said. "I need to bring some good luck to Wrigley Field. I don’t know what the heck is going on with the Cubs."

There are probably MLB rules proscribing Nicholas from pitching in this game but after Toronto Blue Jays infielder Cliff Pennington took the ball in the ALCS, it seems anything is possible.

Here is Nicholas, ostensibly in a "Rowengartner" jersey, reciting a "Rookie" line before the game.

Things did not go so well for Cubs — the Mets finished off the sweep with an 8-3 win — but fans can head to HVAC Pub near Wrigley Field to wash away their sorrows with Nicholas’ band.

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