Ronda Rousey calls out Justin Bieber for snubbing her sister

Let’s be honest: The thought of Ronda Rousey knocking out Justin Bieber or putting him in an armbar is pretty outstanding.

We can only fantasize that something like this could happen if the two were ever to cross paths after hearing Rousey relay a story about Bieber dissing her younger sister.

According to an interview the UFC champion did with Cosmopolitan magazine, her teenage sister Julia spotted the pop singer taking pictures with fans at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. She wanted to get in on the action and get a photo with the Biebs, but Rousey says when she approached him on her sister’s behalf and asked, he snapped, "I’ve already taken a billion pictures today. A BILLION."

Rousey claims that Bieber then walked away without granting the picture request.

(Hat Tip: TMZ)