Rogue ram mascot sparks near-throwdown at Idaho HS basketball game

His name is Ram Man. And he got rocked.

Indeed, it was a weird and rapid series of events that led to a student in a ram outfit getting laid out at a high school basketball game in Idaho this week.

According to the Idaho State Journal, the incident occurred during a cheering exercise at a 5A district championship game between the Madison High Bobcats and the Highland Rams on Tuesday night.

It all began when Highlands’ "Ram Man" messed with Madison’s mascot (who looks a lot like Quailman) during a choreographed cheer. The two then exchanged playful shoves, and roughly three seconds later, Ram Man lay sprawled on the deck at center court, knocked to the ground by a Madison student who had rushed onto the court to defend Quailcat’s honor.

Twitter user Redge posted video of the encounter. As you’ll note, this escalated quickly:

Another angle of the fight, per Twitter user Lex Schwab:

A photographer managed to snap a picture of the scuffle.

And that picture was memed.

Police officers were able to separate the parties and return the students to their sections. Madison went on to win the game 62-61.

According to the Idaho State Journal, no one was removed from the gym after the incident. It’s yet unclear if any of the involved parties will face disciplinary punishment.  

In these cases, getting memed probably counts for time served.


Dan is on Twitter. This could’ve been worse for Ram Man. He could’ve been hurt. Or Crying Jordan’d.