Cristiano Ronaldo would be proud to score this wild ‘Rocket League’ equalizer

What do you get when you combine absurd physics, ridiculous vehicles and one of the most popular sports on the planet?

It’s "Rocket League," the car-soccer video game that’s taken the esports world by storm, of course. If you’re at all a fan of modern video games, you’ve probably taken a turn behind the wheel and seen just how steep the learning curve is. But even if you’ve never heard of this game until today, you can appreciate what went down in a recent Grand Finals between team Crown & Jewels and their opponent, FlipSid3 Tactics.

Tactics held a 2-0 lead headed into the final minute before Crown & Jewels got on the board for the first time. Then, as the clock ticked to zero, Crown & Jewels made a mad-dash rush up the pitch for a frantic equalizer:

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That’s the kind of goal that any footie legend would be proud of. Crown & Jewels went on to claim victory in extra time with a quick strike before FlipSid3 Tactics knew what hit them.

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The hectic final minute begins at about the 25-minute mark in the video at the top of this entry, and you’re going to want to give it a watch — and a listen, as the announcers bring their A-game to the crazy end to this match.

Whether on an actual field or in an electronic arena, sports are sports. And "Rocket League" is a sport you’re going to want to check out.