Watch an entire arena erupt over an epic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors


If you happened to be scrolling through Twitter Monday, you might have noticed this incredible video of two girls playing a game of rock, paper, scissors in Japan going viral.

So why is an entire arena full of people freaking out over a single round of Rock, Paper, Scissors?

The round in question was actually the final of the seventh annual Janken – as RPS is called in Japan – tournament, and winner Tanabe Miku is the reigning Janken Queen.

Each year, members of the Japanese idol group AKB48 – a huge collection of more than 100 girls who are split into various musical and entertainment acts – participate in the tournament, and the top seven finishers form a new “unit,” which will release a new song. Tanabe Miku, as the champion, will be the centerpiece of the group.

It's a bit hard to wrap your head around since there's no real western equivalent, but just imagine if One Direction added a few dozen extra members and different subsets of them released albums, performed concerts and appeared on TV shows regularly. The group has a gigantic following, and they filled Kobe World Kinen Hall for the final. Tanabe Miku got very, very emotional after her victory.

ABK48 Janken 2016 – Winner

The winner of the AKB48 Janken is… 󾠀

Posted by Fighting For Nippon on Monday, October 10, 2016